1-6X24 LPVO Rifle Scope with Illuminated BDC Reticle
1-6x24 LPVO Scope
1X Magnification Rifle Scope
6X Magnification Rifle Scope Details
Riflescope with Multi-coated Objective Lens
Red and Green Illuminated Rifle Scope
Dual Illuminated Green and Red
EZshoot 1-6X24 LPVO Rifle Scope
1-4x24 LPVO Rifle Scope Details

EZshoot 1-6X24 LPVO Rifle Scope with Illuminated BDC Reticle

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EZshoot 1-6x24 LPVO Scope Features

  • EZshoot 1-6X24 LPVO scope offers exceptional clarity and reliable performance, making it a top choice for discerning shooters. With its second focal plane (SFP) design, this scope boasts extended eye relief and a wider field of view, ensuring a comfortable and immersive shooting experience.
  • At 1x magnification, the scope provides true images comparable to a red dot sight, allowing for quick target acquisition. Its updated R16 MOA reticle ensures precise aiming, and the 1/2 MOA adjustment provides consistent and accurate results even under extreme conditions.
  • Enhanced with red and green illumination featuring five levels of brightness, this scope excels in low-light situations, such as early morning or evening hunts. Combined with our anti-reflective and fully multi-coated lens, it offers superior light transmission and optimal clarity, ensuring you never miss a target.
  • Crafted with a high-quality matte black finish, the scope's single tube design is O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, guaranteeing 100% rain and fog proof performance. It effortlessly withstands various weather conditions, including rain and snow. Additionally, its shockproof structure can endure impacts up to 800G, providing durability for rugged applications. The multi-coated lenses further enhance the light transmission, offering over 95% clarity.
  • To ensure your satisfaction, we provide responsive and reliable customer service, addressing any concerns or inquiries promptly. With EZshoot, you can shoot with confidence and enjoy unparalleled support to safeguard your investment.

Rifle Scope Description

EZshoot 1-6X24 LPVO Rifle Scope with Illuminated BDC Reticle


Ezshoot 1-6X24 LPVO Scope

Ezshoot 1-6X24 LPVO scope is a 1-6x second focal plane ar scope with two colors of reticle center lighting, shockproof, waterproof, and anti-fog design, its 3.9” long eye relief can help you find a more suitable position. It is suitable for short and medium-distance use.

Ezshoot 1-6X24 LPVO Scope

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 1-6x24 Scope
  • 2 x Lens Cover
  • 1 x Clean Cloth
  • 1 x CR2032 Battery (included)
  • 1 x Storage box
  • 1 x Manual

Reliable Reticle with Illuminated Center

R16 MOA Reticle

R16 is a new type of reticle with a center illuminated, with a ranging function to help you better locate the target.

Rugged internal and external construction provides long-lasting reliability during these interactions and ensures that the reticle will not rotate during adjustments.


Field of View (FOV): 1x/107 ft; 6x/17.5 ft

R16 MOA Reticle Rifle Scope

A Reliable Reticle with Ranging Function

  • 1X Magnification

The 1x magnification function of an LPVO scope is perfect for close-quarters shooting scenarios. When set to 1x, the scope essentially acts as a red dot sight, allowing you to quickly acquire and engage targets at short ranges.

Filed of View (FOV): 1X / 107ft@100yds

1x magnification function of LPVO scope for rifles
  • 6X Magnification

The 6x magnification function of an LPVO scope is designed for more precise targeting at longer ranges. When set to 6x, the scope can help you identify and engage targets at distances of several hundred yards or more. This is useful for hunters and long-range shooters who need to make accurate shots at a distance.

Filed of View (FOV): 6X / 17.5ft@100yds

6x magnification function of LPVO scope
  • 1-6X Scope

Turn the zoom ring to select the power, and the fast and smooth adjustment helps you find the target quickly.

1-6X Scope for Rifles
  • 1/2MOA Adjustment

This LPVO scope has precise 1/2MOA elevation & windage adjustment, one click moves 1/2" at 100 yards.

1/2MOA Adjustment Rifle Scope
  • Dual Color Illuminated Reticle

Dual color illuminated reticle allows the choice of red or green for faster target acquisition in both bright and low light situations

Dual Color Illuminated Reticle Rifle Scope
  • Fast Focus Eyepiece

Equipped with Fast Focus Eyepiece, the diopter can be adjusted according to the needs, and the adjustment range is +-2.5D.

Fast Focus Eyepiece Riflescope 

1-x24 LPVO Rifle Scope Technical Details