EZshoot Laser Bore Sight 223 5.56mm Red Laser Bore Sighter with Batteries
The size details of red laser bore sighter for cal 223rem
Enduring and Lightweight Red Laser Boresighter for 223 5.56mm Chamber
Red Laser Bore Sight with Extra Batteries for Long Battery Life
EZshoot Red Laser Bore Sighter with 6 Batteries
Accurate Laser Bore Sighter with Batteries Package List

EZshoot Laser Bore Sight 223 5.56mm Red Laser Bore Sighter with Batteries

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About Laser Bore Sight

  • Class IIIA laser; less than 5mW
  • Light and fit .223 REM Boresight
  • Faster gun zeroing, reduce cartridges and shells wasted
  • Easy to sit perfectly in the bore; Sturdy brass construction
  • High accuracy, sighting range is 15 to 100 yards

223 5.56mm Red Laser Boresighter Description

223 5.56mm Bore Sight Laser with 6 Upgraded Batteries

223 5.56mm Bore Sighter with 6 Batteries

Fit In .223 Chamber

This EZshoot boresighter is perfectly fit in .223 chamber, caliber specific.

Made of high quality brass material, enduring and not easily deformed.

Durable Laser Bore Sighter Fit for 223 Chamber

Higher Accuracy

Each 223 5.56mm bore sight laser has been continuously debugged to to ensure the accuracy.

Help you zero in the optic within a few minutes.

Save your time and cartridges and shells.

High Accuracy Red Laser Bore Sight for 223 REM 5.56 Caliber

    EZSHOOT Laser Bore Sighter Fits 223 REM 5.56mm with 2 Set of Batteries

    Laser Bore Sighter Specifications

    Length 44.5mm
    Tail width 9.5mm
    Head width 6.3mm
    Laser Wavelength (nm) 640 to 660
    LED Type visible red laser
    Construction Brass
    Sighting Range 15 to 100 yards
    Temperature -10 to 40 Celsius
    Power <5 mW
    Battery Type 6 X AG3 (Included)


      • Avoid direct eye exposure to the laser.
      • Insert the Three (3) supplied batteries into the boresigher. Negative electrode first.
      • If you plan to store the boresighter for a long time without use, remember to remove the batteries.

      How to use the Laser Bore Sighter?

      1. Unscrew the back cap from the bore sight by turning counter clockwise

      2. Stand the bore sight on a flat surface with the laser side pointing down

      3. Insert batteries (+ side up) inside the rear opening

      4. Carefully push down and turn the screw cap clockwise to tighten the cap (the laser is now on)

      5. Place in your rifle’s chamber and close the bolt

      6. To remove - open the bolt if it does not automatically extract, manually remove the unit by tilting the rifle’s barrel upward (always practicing safe firearm practices)

      7. Unscrew the back and remove the batteries to turn the unit off

      Red Laser Bore Sight Technical Details