EZshoot Two Point Sling with Removable Swivels
2 Point Rifle Sling with Comfortable Neoprene Pad
Adjustable Rifle Sling with Convenient Thumb-Loop
2 Point Sling with Detachable Sling Swivels
Adjustable Length 2 Point Sling for Rifles
Tri-lock Sling Swivels Installation Guide
Adjustable Gun Sling with 2 Packs Removable Sling Swivels

EZshoot Two Point Sling with Removable Swivels

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About 2 Point Sling

  • 【Comfortable Padded】The padded length of the rifle sling strap 13.5inches, width 2.5inches, thickness 0.3 inches,widened and thickened shoulder pads can effectively relieve shoulder pressure.
  • 【High-quality Neoprene】A enduring and anti-slip padded made of neoprene,with a load capacity to suit multiple purposes.
  • 【Convenient Thumb-Loop】The gun strap equipped with a 4.3-inch thumb-Loop, use this to significantly reduce the possibility of sling shaking and slipping during long-distance travel
  • 【Removable Swivels】The swivels of the two point sling can be remove and change the sling swivels to perfectly matched the sling base makes installation easy and never fall off.
  • 【Length Adjustable】The gun sling can be extended up to 51 inches and shortened to 35 inches,meeting different length needs.

2 Point Rifle Sling Description2 Point Sling with Widened Shoulder Padded

Adjustable Length 2 Point Rifle Sling for Outdoors

2 Point Sling with Removable Sling Swivels

Durable 2 Point Rifle Sling with Detachable Swivels

Install Instructions

How to install the sling swivels for 2 point sling?


The sling swivels are removable, and you can replace different accessories according to your needs.(The sling includes tri-lock swivels only,other accessories are not included.)
Rifle Sling with Tri-lock Swivels for Different Scenes

Rifle Sling with Swivels FAQs

Q: How does this attach to both m-rail and picatinny rails?

A: You will need to purchase adaptors for both applications.

Q: How wide is the shoulder padded of the 2 point sling?

A: The width of the shoulder padded is 2.8 inches,and widened shoulder pads can effectively relieve your pressure.

2 Point Rifle Sling Technical Details