4x32 Tactical Rifle Scope Instructions

Instruction manual
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(1) Do not look at the sun through the riflescope. Otherwise your eyes will be permanently damaged by the strong light. (This precaution applies to all optical devices such as cameras and binoculars.)
(2) The riflescope is effectively waterproof. You could use your scope safely in the rain. To preserve the appearance of the scope, we suggest that it be dried and cleaned prior to storage. Use a soft cloth for cleaning metal surfaces and use photographic lens tissue to clean the scope’s lenses.

I. Nomenclature
1. Objective Lens
2. Eyepiece Lens
3. Eyepiece Adjustment
4. Windage Adjustment
5. Elevation Adjustment
6. Battery Cap
7. Power Selector Ring
8. Power Index Dot
9. Rear Sight
10. Fiber Front Sight
11. Picatinny Rail
12. Mount (20mm)
4x32 scope
II. Specifications
Magnification: 4x
Objective dia: 32mm
Illumination: red/ green/ blue (3 brightness setting for each color)
Finish: black
Exit pupil (inch): 8.0
Field of view(feet/100 yards): 36.6
Len coating: green
Weight (ounce): 15.9
Length(inches): 5.5
MOA: 1/4


Body  1pc
Lens Cover 1pair
Mount (20mm) 1pc
 Lithium Battery (CR2032) 1pc
Cleaning Cloth 1pc
Allen Key 3pc

III. Instructions
(1) Focusing
1. Look through the eyepiece with your eye positioned about 4-10 inch away from the eyepiece lens (Fig. III-1) and you will see the BDC reticle (Fig. III-2). Be sure your eye is positioned within proper alignment and proper eye relief otherwise the view will “black out”. Point the objective end of the scope at the sky (Do not point at the sun) or at a plain patternless wall. Turn the eyepiece adjustment counter-clockwise and then turn it clockwise until the reticle appears sharp.

4x32 reticle
(2) Adjustment of the riflescope
Sighting through the riflescope, align the rifle with your aiming point on the target and shoot a trial round. If the bullet does not hit the aiming point, prepare a small coin, and then adjust the elevation and windage after removing the Adjustment cap, as Fig.III-3:

i)The windage and elevation scales is calibrated in divisions of 1/4 minute of angle
with a click at intervals of 1/4 minute of angle (half division).
ii)Reticle is fixed at 100 yards and ranges out of 600 yards. The reticle is designed to allow you to make a precise shot on target very quickly without having to adjust the target knobs. Knowing the distance helps you in aiming on target. However if the distance is not known, you can use the rapid ranging reticle to estimate the distance. This scope is great in close quarter battle (CQB) scenarios for quick and precise acquisition.

(1) Lens cleaning
To remove dirt or fingerprint, soak gauze or lens cleaning paper (silicon-free paper sold at camera shop) with a small quantity of absolute alcohol (available from drugstore) and lightly wipe off. Wiping with leather chamois is not recommended as it is likely to damage the lens surface. Dust may scratch the lens surface or corrode the lens. Brush dust off using a soft oil-free brush.
(2) Scope Exterior
Use a soft dry cloth to wipe off any dirt or finger-prints that might accumulate. It is not necessary to oil the scope’s surface.
(3) Windage/Elevation Adjustments
These adjustments are permanently lubricated. Do not attempt to lubricate them. Cover with caps supplied, except when adjusting, to keep out dust and dirt.
(4) Eyepiece Adjustment
This adjustment is permanently lubricated. Do not attempt to lubricate.
(5) Power Selector Ring
No lubrication is required on the power selector ring. Do not loosen or remove screws in power selector ring.