EZshoot 1 Inch Dovetail Scope Rings 2 PCS High Profile Scope Mount
High Quality and Enduring High Profile Scope Rings
1 Inch Dovetail Scope Rings Size Details
The hot selling scope rings for 11mm or 3/8 dovetail rails with protective tape
Scope Rings Suitable for all 11mm Dovetail Rails

EZshoot 1 Inch Dovetail Scope Rings 2 PCS High Profile Scope Mount

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About 1 Inch Scope Rings

  •  Double dovetail scope rings for 3/8" or 11mm dovetail scope mount 1 inch dovetail rail system.
  •  The 11mm or 3/8 dovetail scope rings 1 inch are for most scopes with a scope tube diameter of 1"/ 25.4mm.
  •  High profile, 20.4mm (0.8 in) from the top of the dovetail rail to the bottom of 11mm dovetail scope rings (Item height: 1.9").
  •  Built-In Tape Inside Per 1 inch scope mount rings to Prevent Marring The Scope, Also Prevent Sliding and Holding Position Accurately.
  •  With two rail clamp screws and two scope clamp screws, the 11mm scope rings ensure Precision and Repeatable Alignment. Compatible accessoies for: Airsoft, Ruger 10/22, Rimfire, .22 Pellets, .22lr, .177, .17 hmr.

Scope Rings Mount Description

Solid 6061 Aluminum

Solid 6061 Aluminum Durable Scope Rings

Long-lasting Finish

High-Quality 1" Scope Rings

Secure Lock

Scope Rings Mount with Secure Lock

High-Quality 1" Scope Rings

  • Precision-milled 1" scope rings ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Centerline heights: 1.34” high profile
  • Rail type: compatible with Dovetail rails
  • Weight per ring: 1.0oz
  • Include: scope rings*2 , wrench*1
Scope Rings Fit for all 11mm Dovetail rails

Easy to Install

The clamping screws are twisted on/off with an Allen wrench to mount the scope securely and mount the base on the dovetail rail. The locking screw system allows fast and powerful tightening while preventing the screws from falling out.

Easy to Install Scope Rings Mount

Perfect Fit the Scope

Precision Scope Rings Fit for Rifle Scope

See Through Design

Scope Rings with See Through Design Help to Aim and Target

Protective Tape

Scope Rings Mount with Protective Tape

Product Information - Technical Details