EZshoot 2 Point Sling 550 Paracord Sling Adjustable Strap with Eagle Hook
Adjustable Length Strong Nylon 2 Point Sling with Metal Hooks
Sturdy and Enduring 550 Paracord Sling for Rifles
2 Point Rifle Sling with Upgraded Metal Hooks
Adjustable 550 Paracord Sling with Upgraded Metal Eagle Hooks
Multi-functional Gun Sling for Outdoors

EZshoot 2 Point Sling 550 Paracord Sling Adjustable Strap with Eagle Hook

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About 550 Paracord Sling

  • 【Adjustable Length】 The length of the two point sling is from 44.3’’-57.2’’, update design that extended adjustable range.
  • 【Upgraded Metal Hook】Hooks of paracord rifle sling are made of high strength metal.The upgraded sling hook has a larger opening, so it is suitable for quick connection and detaching.
  • 【High Quility 550 Paracord Sling】The 550 paracord 2 points sling is made of high-strength polyester and polypropylene, to build a enduring 550 paracord, which can hold up to 550 pounds. It doesn't slide off like a leather sling and doesn't overstretched like neoprene.
  • 【Comfortable to Use】The paracord sling adopts webbing process with comfortable nylon. So it won’t suffer skin hurt after heavy journey.
  • 【Multifunctional Use】The 550 paracord ar sling is suitable for hunting, climbing, shooting and adventure. It can be transfer into tourniquet, shoestrings, belts, shooting, and hunting accessories in emergency.

2 Point Sling Description

550 paracord sling with metal hooks for rifles

EZshoot 550 Paracord Sling with Larger Opening Metal Hooks

EZshoot 550 paracord 2 point sling is high of quality.

The rifle sling strap is made of high-density paracord sling, strong and non-slip. The upgrade spring hooks has a larger opening and is more convenient to use. And the dismantled paracord can be used in a variety of outdoor emergency situations, such as can be used for fishing, camping, clothesline and so on.

2 Point Rifle Sling Specifications

Color Black
Sling Material Nylon
Buckle Material Metal
Length 33" to 50"
Weight 4.23oz

Durable and strong 550 paracord sling for rifles

Multi-functional 2 point sling 550 paracord sling for outdoors

Product Information-Technical Details