EZshoot 2 Point Sling Adjustable Gun Sling with Swivels
Adjustable Two Point Sling for Outdoors
2 Point Sling with Widened Shoulder Pad
Adjustable Gun Sling with Sturdy Sling Swivels
Enduring Rifle Sling for Different Guns
EZshoot 2 Point Sling with Adjustable Length
How to use the 2 point sling with sling swivel?

EZshoot 2 Point Sling Adjustable Gun Sling with Swivels

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About 2 Point Sling

  • 【Widened Soft Shoulder Pad】Our gun sling strap with soft shoulder pad, reduce the pressure on the shoulder and prevent the rifle sling dig into your shoulder. Anti-slip material on the back of the shoulder pads to keep the gun sling from slipping off the shoulders.
  • 【Removable Sling Swivels】Tri-lock design of the 2 point sling swivels provide secure locking for safety, and it tested to 300 pounds. You can replace the sling swivels, and use with other accessories to fit more types of guns.
  • 【Easily Adjust】The two point sling is easily adjust, and the length is from 37 inches to 55 inches. So it is suitable for most people.
  • 【Nylon Webbing Strap】The nylon webbing strap is non-slip and sturdy. Anti-slip design at the end of the rifle sling nylon webbing strap, keep the sling stay in the adjusted position after adjusting the length. Sturdy nylon webbing strap provided the possibility of long-term use.
  • 【Applicable Scene】Our gun sling is lightweight and easy to carry, and the wide shoulder pad can effectively relieve pressure, which is suitable for outdoor sports.

Adjustable Gun Sling Description

Shotgun Sling with Widened Shoulder Pad

2 point slingThe swivels are manufactured with advanced technology, which is non-peeling, non-rusting and more enduring.

2 Point Sling with Swivels

Why Choose EZshoot Gun Sling?

Why choose EZshoot gun sling?Non-slip material 2 point slingAdjustable Gun Sling with Thicker Shoulder PadGun Sling with Removable Sling SwivelsHigh quality 2 point sling

EZshoot Rifle Sling Instructions

First, rotate the rotating button to the limit.

2 point sling

Second, push the rotating button.

2 point sling

Third, rotate the rotating button 90 degrees, then you can hook it up.

2 point sling

Finally, you can attach the sling to the gun.

2 point sling

The sling swivels are removable, and you can replace other accessories to fit more guns.

EZshoot 2 Point Sling with Swivels for Different Guns

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