EZshoot 2 Point Sling Adjustable Rifle Sling with Metal Eagle Hook
2 Point Rifle Sling with Upgraded Metal Hooks
Adjustable Length 2 Point Sling for Outdoors
2 Point Gun Sling with Elastic Cord Design
High Quality and Enduring 2 Point Rifle Sling
Adjustable Rifle Sling Size Details

EZshoot 2 Point Sling Adjustable Rifle Sling with Metal Eagle Hook

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About Adjustable Rifle Sling

  • Color: Sand. The Two points sling is constructed with superior quality Nylon material.
  • Upgraded larger metal hooks make the sling fit the rifle well.
  • The rope of the sling is adjustable, so it will be suitable for everyone.
  • With adjustment thumb loop and high density cord, the sling can be easily adjusted.
  • Long adjustable strap creates wide length variability for the two points sling.

2 Point Sling Description

High Quality and Lightweight 2 Point Rifle Sling with Metal Hooks

Gun Sling Specifications:

  • Material: Long-lasting Nylon material
  • Strap Width: 3.8 cm
  • Length of each elastic cord: 21 ~ 29 cm
  • Max Length: 155 cm
  • Weight: 168g

Adjustable 2 Point Sling Features:

  • Constructed with high quality Nylon material, this two point sling is enduring and wearable.
  • Equipped with the snap hooks, you can add or remove the sling easily and rapidly.
  • Made up of the elastic cords and the thumb loop length adjusters.
  • EZshoot two points sling is ready to impress you with its perfect design and superior quality.

Package Included:

1 x Two point sling

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