EZshoot Bore Sight Kit Bright Green Dot BoreSighter with Big Button Switch
Bore Sighter with Bright Green Laser Beam
Stable Bore Sight Kit for .17 to 12GA Caliber
Green Dot Laser Bore Sight with Long Battery Life
EZshoot Laser Boresighter with 16 Upgraded Bore Adapters
Laser Bore Sight with 200 yards Effective Distance

EZshoot Bore Sight Kit Bright Green Dot BoreSighter with Big Button Switch

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About Green Laser Bore Sight Kit

  • 【Clear and bright beam】 Clear and bright green laser, which is not easily affected by weather and has sighting longer rang, allows you to accurately aim at the target even in low visibility.
  • 【2 Upgraded battery + big button switch】Our upgraded CR2 battery has ultra-long battery life and longer service life. Big and sensitive button switch, convenient to control, just lightly press to turn ON/OFF the laser.
  • 【Green laser bore sight】EZshoot green Laser sight Contains 16 adapters and 1 arbor, perfectly fit for any 0.17 to 12GA caliber. Arbor suitable for .54-.79(#10-#16) calibers make the laser bore sight stable. Make sure to select the proper adapter.
  • 【Easy to use】Comes with tools, just following by guide of manual, choosing appropriate size adapter and place the laser unit in the equipment. Laser class: IIIa. Max. Output Power:<5mW.
  • 【Light weight and enduring】Adapts with superior materials, excellent metal structure design and assembled by professional craftsmen, it provides with a long service life of trouble-free use. Compact design for convenient to storage.


EZshoot is a company specializing in sports and outdoor products, and have excellent after-sales service. We are dedicated to bringing you the cost-effective products, with the intention to save your money but offer the quality products.

EZshoot Laser Bore Sight Kit

Laser Bore Sighter with 16 Upgraded Adapters

Perfectly fit for 0.17 to 12GA caliber. The number mark on the adapter can help you choose the right caliber adapter faster.

Laser Bore Sighter with 16 Upgraded Bore Adapters

1×arbor, make the boresighter stable

Stable and accurate laser bore sighter kit

The clear green laser beam can provide a precise reference for zeroing and sighting at your target quickly

Accuracy Green Dot BoreSighter with Big Button Switch

How to Use EZshoot Green Laser Boresighter Kit?

Easy and quick installation steps

How to use EZshoot green laser boresighter kit?

How to use? 

1. Unscrew the housing from the middle, assemble the battery into it. 
2. Select the proper adapter that fits in the barrel of your firearm. 
3. Attach the adapter to the small end of the sight and put it into the barrel of your firearm. Then screw the adapter tight to maker bore sight is inserted in until it is sung with the crown of your firearm. 
4. When you press the switch button, a bunch of red beam will be emitted. 

Accurate Laser Bore Sighter Features

Longer Battery Life

Come with 2 sets of upgraded CR2 batteries

800mAh each battery, which have longer service life than others.

2 Upgraded battery for laser bore sighter

Press Button Switch

Big and sensitive button switch

Just lightly press to turn ON/OFF the light, control it conveniently.

bore sight with big button switch

Green Laser Sight Specifications

Material: Premium Aluminum
Max Output:≤5 mw
Laser class: IIIA
Color: Green
Power:1x CR2 lithium battery

Green Dot Boresighter Package Includes

1x Laser Sight (Boresighter) 
9x adapters(with screws)
1x Screwdriver
1x CR2 battery
1x instruction manual

Green Dot Boresighter Package List


1. Keep boresighter's beam away from eyes. 
2. Before bore sighting your scope, make sure that the firearm is unloaded and the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction. 
3. After the firearms is bore sighted, make sure to remove the boresighter and adapter from the firearm.

Product information-Technical Details