EZshoot Bore Sight Kit Red Laser Boresighter for 0.17-0.54 Caliber with 16pcs Adapters
Laser Bore Sight Kit with Batteries
Laser Bore Sighter with Big Button Switch
Red Laser Boresighter with 16pcs Adapters
How to install the laser bore sight kit
Accurate Red Laser Bore Sighter Help to Zero Your Optics

EZshoot Bore Sight Kit Red Laser Boresighter for 0.17-12GA Caliber

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About Red Laser Bore Sight Kit

  • More Accurate: This boresight installs in the barrel, projects a laser beam from the center of the bore axis, and provides a precise reference to zero-in your optic or iron sights, saving your time and money.
  • Upgraded battery compartment: This upgraded battery compartment can lock the battery in the correct position and make contact with the points, ensuring the boresighter works fine, easier to mount compared with others. Don't worry about losing your batteries.
  • 16 Bore Adjustable Adapters: Laser bore sight kit with multiple caliber fit any 0.17 to 12GA caliber for handguns rifles, which allows the accurate bore alignment of scopes, iron sights or laser sights on handguns and rifles.
  • Push Button Switch: The button switch can control the bore sight laser conveniently while pressing the switch and save power when you stop using.
  • Caution: Keep the red laser beam away from eyes. Class IIIA laser, less than 5mW.

EZshoot Bore Sighter Description

EZshoot Bore Sight Kit Red Laser Boresighter for 0.17-0.54 Caliber
Accurate Laser Bore Sighter Zero Your Optics and Sights

Red Laser Bore Sight Kit for Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns

Laser Bore Sighter Features

Fitting A Variety of Calibers

This laser bore sight kit comes with 9 adapters to fit 0.17 to 12GA calibers. Choose the right adapter, which will extend with the degree of tightening to better fit your caliber.

Bore Sighter for 0.17-0.54 Calibers

Redesigned Battery Compartment

The design of upgraded internal compartment for the batteries with a screw top lid makes the installation easier, locking the battery in the correct position.

Red Laser Boresighter with Battery

Clear Red Laser

Clear and bright red laser beam can be saw at night. Increase the accuracy to sight the bore for serious hunters, shooter.

boresight with red laser


  • Keep bore sight laser beam away from eyes.
  • Be sure to remove the boresighter and adapter after it is boresighted.

Bore Sight Kit Technical Details