EZshoot Boresighter Bore Sight Kit with Button Switch for .177 to 12GA Caliber
Clear Red Laser Bore Sighter with Big Button
Bore Sighter with Upgraded 16 Bore Adapters
Bore Sight Kit for .177 to 12GA Caliber
High Accuracy Laser Bore Sighter for Pistols
Laser Boresighter for .177 to 12GA Caliber
How to install the battery for EZshoot laser bore sight

EZshoot Boresighter Bore Sight Kit with Button Switch for .177 to 12GA Caliber

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About Red Boresighter with Adapters

  • 【Upgraded 16 Adapters with numbers】Comes with 16 adapters, suitable for .17-12GA caliber, clearly shown the serial numbers, so that you can quickly find the adapter of the caliber you need.
  • 【Improve Accuracy】Bore Sighter emits a pre-set straight red laser, improves the problem of insufficient laser brightness and beam miscentering, providing an accurate zeroing reference, saving cartridges and shells.
  • 【Easy to Use】Press button switch function of bore sighter can easily turns on/off the laser for more convenient control. The included 2 sets of batteries can meet the time required for zeroing, no need to replace the batteries frequently.
  • 【New Arbor Accessory】Bore sighting laser comes with an arbor as an auxiliary tool. For .54-12GA caliber, the arbor can form 2 contact points with the muzzle when installed on the laser bore sight, improves the stability of the bore sighter.
  • 【Reliable and Professional】Adapt with superior materials and professional craftsmen, it is enduring and has long service life of trouble-free use. Power: <1mW Class IIIA Laster. Max. Output Power: <5mW.

Laser Bore Sight Description

Laser Bore Sight Kit for .177-12GA Caliber

EZshoot red laser bore sight is your best choice!

Red Laser Bore Sight Kit

Zero your optics or iron sights, reducing cartridges and shells wasted.

Precise laser bore sight kit with adapters

Press Button Switch

Control the laser conveniently, while pressing the switch and save power when you stop using.

laser boresighter with big button switch

2.5 Hours Battery Life

Upgraded LR44 batteries, each set lasts up to 2.5 hours.

bore sighter kit with upgraded batteries

Upgraded 16 Adapters

Laser Bore Sighter Kit with 16 Different Adapters

High accuracy lasebore sight

Laser Bore Sighter Kit with 16 Adapters for Pistols

How to install the red bore sight kit ?

1. Assemble the battery into the bore sight.

2. Select the appropriate adapter and tighten the screw to expand the adapter to fit your gun barrel tightly.

3. Insert the boresighter with adapter into your equipment.

4. Make the adapter edge form a contact point with the barrel and the bore sighter is stable.

5. When you press the switch button, a bunch of red beam will be emitted.

Battery Installation

1. Insert 3 LR44 batteries into the battery slot.

2. Tilt the battery slot at an angle, insert one end at an angle, and then push up to fully insert the battery slot.

3. Rotate the battery compartment to make it doesn't come loose.

laser sight battery installation

Laser Boresighter Kit Package Includes: 

1 x Laser bore-sighter
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Allen Wrench
1 x Spare Screws
6 x AG13 Battery
16 x Bore adapters

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